A researcher from Biovendor at our lab

Tereza Mráčková, is a junior researcher who works at BioVendor – Laboratorní Medicína a.s. BioVendor LM is an internationally active biotechnology company with its own research, development and manufacturing and international sales and marketing network. It has specialized in the development of original immunoassay kits for the detection of novel hormone-like proteins and protein biomarkers as well as related antibodies and recombinant proteins. Recently they are also focusing on novel topics known to be of great interest among the scientific and diagnostic community – microRNA biomarkers, liquid biopsy, exosome isolation, and immunodiagnostic multiplexing and automation.

Tereza is also a PhD student in  the Stroke Program at the International Clinical Research Center (St. Anne’s University Hospital BRNO).

She is spending some days at our laboratory to test some miRNAs that could be connected to stroke diagnosis and prognosis.