COMBO-4-STROKE, new project funded by FIPSE


FIPSE (Fundación para la Innovación y la Prespectiva en Salud en España) has recently funded our project entitled: COMBO-4-Stroke.

The aim of these grants is financing feasibility studies that make it possible to put new healthcare technologies, based technically and financially viable, at the disposal of health services, and make it possible for them to be incorporated in the Spanish healthcare system.

In this project we want to keep on working with two promising treatments, based on
the synergic effects of two-by-two combinations of drugs previously approved by the FDA for other medical indications. We have found promising neuroprotective effects in pre-clinical experimentation: both drug combinations – but not individual drugs – are highly effective in reducing the brain ischemic lesion in animals following ischemic stroke. Our multidisciplinary team of clinicians and biologists strongly believes that the use of these combinations of drugs (COMBO-4-STROKE) in daily clinics might reduce social and economic repercussion of this devastating disease.

On this basis, FIPSE program is a good opportunity to create and implement a specific valorization and commercialization plan to ultimately these treatments to the market, since the economical revenues of this strategy, if useful, would be massive.